Alexis Weaver

My name is Alexis Weaver and I represent District 3 on the Tucker City Council (GA). I’m working to ensure Tucker is a city where all residents have the opportunity to flourish and thrive.

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I am a working mom with three children (ages 10, 7 and 3!) and anti-hunger advocate who serves as a senior manager at the Atlanta Community Food Bank, where I help low-income Georgians achieve economic mobility utilizing the charitable food system, as well as assist pantries across metro Atlanta increase their impact. 

As a nonprofit leader and urban planner with nearly two decades of experience in economic and community development, I desire to be rooted in a community where everyone has an opportunity to flourish and thrive. I believe that diversity is Tucker’s greatest strength and I’m committed to inclusion, equity, transparency, and providing responsive leadership. A life-long community volunteer, I am a board member of NETWorks Cooperative Ministry and member/past deacon at Smoke Rise Baptist Church.

I was elected to a full four-year term on the Tucker City Council on November 2, 2021 by a 12-point margin in a race with the highest voter turnout. Throughout the campaign, I pledged to be a neighbor who will make sure the voices of all Tucker residents are heard. 
Below are the priorities that were central to my campaign and now guide my service on the Tucker City Council.


Act on Inclusion

Inclusion must be a top priority for our rapidly-growing and increasingly-diverse community. Tucker citizens should know that the city “has their back” in protecting them from discrimination of any kind. The city council must immediately pass a Non-Discrimination Ordinance for the City of Tucker.

Leverage Our Economic Growth

Develop a robust economic growth strategy that emphasizes primary job creation in addition to celebrating the retail sector. As businesses come here and expand, small development fees and innovative financing can be reinvested in public amenities. The city must zone creatively for livable communities. We deserve a community where people can work here, play here and afford to live here. We need plans and policies that help make affordable homeownership a reality for more families.

Expand and Enhance Parks and Recreation

Adopt and implement a strategic plan to enhance our parks system and recreation programming, specifically youth sports programs and the infrastructure to support these important activities. This should include further park development, marketing and promotion to all residents of Tucker, clearly defined metrics of success and intentional efforts to gather public input. Continue to market Tucker parks as destination amenities.

Increase Citizen Engagement & Transparency

Citizen engagement and input into decision-making processes is a necessity for a healthy and thriving city. Greater accessibility will increase collaboration and participation in community affairs and will encourage more transparency and accountability in governance. A first step is to make permanent the livestreaming of all city council meetings. Implement the Tucker Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan and focus on continuous community engagement to ensure diverse perspectives and educate citizens of plan’s objectives and how city-adopted policies align with the plan. Lay strong foundations for the next comprehensive plan.


Innovative solutions are needed to work within the city’s charter to help facilitate conversations between social service entities, including the Dekalb Co. Police Department - Tucker Precinct, to find community-based solutions to hunger, homelessness and public safety.

Improve Public Infrastructure

Prioritize growth for all with federal and county funding. Tucker is receiving significant funding through the American Rescue Plan, and we should make sure citizens hit hardest by the pandemic are a key part of this response. Focus on walkable neighborhoods and developing a connected city. Let’s connect our parks and the Tucker PATH!