Below are Frequently Asked Questions from my 2021 campaign for Tucker City Council.
Read below to learn more about my vision and priorities.

Why are you running for this office?

I am running to represent District 3 on the Tucker City Council because of my commitment to
public service and belief that it is essential to have representation that reflects the inclusive
values of Tucker residents. We chose to make Tucker our home over eight years ago because of
the rich diversity of this community and the terrific amenities. It is important to me to be rooted
in a place where everyone has an opportunity to flourish and find success.

Through two decades working as an urban planner and nonprofit leader to address poverty,
homelessness and hunger in communities, I have focused on empowering stakeholders to have a
seat at tables of power and a voice in the way decisions are made. I am a leader who intentionally
seeks to increase citizen engagement and listen well. I will be a champion for an open and
transparent city government that values creativity and collaboration as we provide opportunities
for all residents to engage, contribute and thrive. 

What makes you a better candidate than your opponents?

As a mom of three young children and active community volunteer and church leader here in
Tucker, I see the breadth of our community and regularly interact with Tucker residents across
generations—from serving with NETWorks Cooperative Ministry to cheering on my son at
Fitzgerald Field to being a room mom at Livsey Elementary School. These diverse community
experiences give me unique insight and a fresh, energized perspective.

My background as an urban planner working in community and economic development and
reputation as a bridge-builder equip me to provide strong and effective leadership on day one. 

What are some of your top priorities?

Creating a clear housing development strategy as well as long-term planning to leverage our
economic growth are top priorities. What mix of housing types, densities, quantities and zoning
tactics are required so that our community can grow well? We must take strategic steps to make
home ownership a reality for more families.

With a vision for the future, we should evaluate our existing comprehensive plan, identify what
has been executed well and where there is opportunity to re-direct funds and focus to ensure the
intent of the Tucker Tomorrow Plan is achieved. We should focus on enhancing recreation
through an expansion of youth sports programs and parks connectivity for all residents. Let’s
move quickly to connect Tucker to the PATH so our parks are connected in one accessible
system for pedestrians and cyclists.

What are the most important issues facing the city of Tucker?

Tucker is a young city experiencing rapid and multi-faceted growth and is at a crossroads—this
growth can either offer opportunity for a few, or opportunity for all. We deserve a community
where people can work here, play here and afford to live here. In order to leverage our economic
growth, address housing issues, improve public infrastructure and enhance parks and youth
programs, we must put forward and promote opportunities for citizen input and engagement so
that decision-making is representative of our diverse community as we begin to undertake
comprehensive planning.

Tucker residents, all involved in boards or committees in city government, drafted a non-
discrimination ordinance. Many of the cities surrounding Tucker have an NDO, yet Tucker
City Council has not brought it for a discussion.

What is your position on the non-discrimination ordinance?

I’m an enthusiastic supporter of a Non-Discrimination Ordinance and ally of my LGBTQ
neighbors. Discrimination has no place in our city. I commend those who have already done the
hard work in advocating for and drafting the ordinance. Tucker residents should know that the
city ‘has their back’ and is committed to protecting them. The lack of willingness of our elected
officials to even discuss the proposed ordinance is a glaring failure. I will work to ensure we take
this first, most basic step toward inclusion.

Racial justice and diversity have been points of conversation over the last year. What will
you do to promote racial justice and diversity in the city of Tucker?

Racial justice and diversity have been points of conversation for many in Tucker. This is not true
for our city government. The city cannot stay silent on weighty matters with community
implications, whether we are talking about non-discrimination or racial diversity and equity.

I will advocate for the creation of citizen advisory boards to ensure that under-represented voices
in our community are heard and valued in decision making. These advisory boards will increase
citizen engagement and allow space for needed conversations about how we can come together
as a whole community. Specifically, a citizen advisory board focused on diversity and inclusion
is needed. An equity assessment of the city’s activities, boards, committees, appointments and
decisions is a starting point on this path toward greater inclusion and more equitable community.

What is your current opinion of the DeKalb County Police Department and are there any
changes you would advocate for if you are elected?

The officers that serve our city are some of the finest, and the new community policing program
that the Tucker Precinct has been working on is very promising. Relationships are key, and I will
work to improve the city’s coordination with the Dekalb County Police Department, including
greater collaboration with our local precinct.

Do you support continuing to stream Tucker’s meetings online?

Absolutely. This is a very simple and essential way to increase transparency and accessibility,
providing residents with easy access to information about proposals and decision-making. Live
streaming also has the added benefit of raising awareness about community issues and will
increase citizen engagement. It’s a win-win.

What can be done to improve pedestrian safety on Tucker’s roads?

I am a mom of a 2nd grader and 4th grader who love riding their bicycles, and so pedestrian
safety is top of mind for me. We must continue to expand sidewalks as quickly as possible. More
infrastructure is needed to promote safety—lighted crosswalks, bike lanes, improved signage,
street trees, additional lights, and traffic calming devices to name a few. This is another area
where a strategic approach involving public input at the city level and strengthened relationships
and collaboration with the Dekalb County Police Department are needed. 

What will you do to support the business community in the city of Tucker?

My previous professional background includes five years working in community and economic
development at a chamber of commerce. A robust private-public partnership between the city
and a more formal business development organization will allow the incredible work of our
existing, primarily volunteer-led, organizations to have even greater impact in bringing together
and advocating for the business community. It would also create space for incubation of new

businesses. Let’s capitalize on our community’s entrepreneurial spirit by convening our business
community in a formal way (such as quarterly business roundtables) and continue to expand on
our “Industry Days.” 

Do you promise to conduct yourself in an ethical and transparent manner?
How would you work to promote ethics and transparency in government? 

Yes, absolutely. My parents raised me to value the importance of living a life of integrity, and
the integrity of elected officials helps to foster trust within our community. Transparency is
central to maintaining public trust and strong communication is essential. I am committed to
using traditional as well online platforms to share information with residents and solicit their

I would like to see the city form neighborhood clusters to increase community engagement, bring
in new voices, and allow opportunities to directly share with council members and city staff
about how current activities are affecting their neighborhood. I’m a leader who is passionate
about connecting with and convening residents to hear their hopes and concerns, and responding
with action.